Always keep an eye on children

It’s still an all too common event on the beach; parents, grandparents, or supervisors who lose sight of the little ones. Hundreds of children get lost temporarily every year. The lifeguards have some tips for a safe day at the beach with small children.

  1. Take your mobile phone with you. Make sure it’s sufficiently charged and turned on.
  2. Put a 06 wristband on your child, and write their name and your phone number on it.
  3. Decide a easy-to-find meeting point together, in case you lose each other, such as a beach cafe or a meeting point pole with an image.
  4. Always keep an eye on your child, both when they’re in the sea and on the beach. Stay at arm's length from your small child when in the sea.
  5. Is you’re unable to find your child, warn one of the lifeguards immediately, or if this isn’t possible let a beach cafe know and start searching. Keep your mobile phone close by while searching.
  6. If you find your child, don't get angry, but be happy to see each other again and comfort them if they need it. And make sure you let everyone know you’ve found your child.


Enjoying the beach and the water, here are some lifeguard tips!
  1. Please only swim on places where it is allowed and safe.
    e.g. where lifeguards are on duty
  2. Make sure you are fit and healthy enough to swim and enjoy the water sports.
    And do not forget to put sun screan on!
  3. Never swim alone.
    Even the most experienced swimmer can get in trouble! (e.g. cramp)
  4. Don’t swim near rip currents
  5. Alcohol and swimming do not mix!
  6. Don’t use floatation devices during offshore winds.
  7. Dig no deep holes on the beach in the sand.
    Risk of collapse and suffocation.
  8. Keep to the designated areas for practising water sport.
  9. Do not jump of bridges, piers or any constructions.
    They are not designed for diving of jumping of in to the water.
  10. Always keep an eye on your children,
    As well as in the water as on the beach
always keep an eye on children